CLA Safflower Oil Review

Summary about the CLA safflower oil:

Safflower which is known as Carthamus tinctorius is one of human kind’s oldest crops cultivated for edible oil cla and weight loss reviewsextracted from its seeds. The plants can be seen from the height of 30 to 150 cm with globular flower heads in yellow, red and orange color. The branches of the plant can be found with at a minimum of 15 to 20 seeds per flower head. Arid environment is the plants’ native wherein it has taproot to thrive in such environment required with seasonal rainfall.

With the native of having many regions on the Earth, safflower is useful not only the seeds but the flowers part also for making its by-products. Asia, Africa, Middle East, India (‘kusum’ the term derived from the Sanskrit word ‘kusumbha’) and being called as ‘hongua’ in China.

How does CLA safflower oil work?

Safflower oil is getting extracted from the seeds of the plant either by the process of expeller pressing, or solvent extraction and sometimes the process involves both the techniques. When the process follows the chemical extraction, the safflower oil gets heated added with other chemical compounds that would automatically diminish the nutritional benefits presented within safflower oil naturally.

Health issues are one of the most common occurrences that none without health issue is merely a wonder of seventh species. General speaking, obesity and overweight are the commonly seen symptoms that everyone runs behind the treadmills and walkers to cut off abdominal fat for an appropriate weight loss.

When the thing of such problems happened of fat surrounding the organs is called as visceral fat because of vicious cycle of inflammation, insulin resistance, and excess fat deposition. All such have the tendency of leading to cardiac problems, stroke and certain types of cancer problems.

Well, what is the special in start taking safflower oil products and by-products for weight loss? Henceforth the studies on human research say that an individual who wishes to lose abdominal fats must begin intake safflower oil supplement. CLA (conjugated Linoleic acid) is an agent that promotes good effects for weight loss when ingested along with safflower oil for about at a minimum of 16 weeks time period. Hence CLA safflower oil weight loss becomes a prominent one. When safflower was compared and/or combined with CLA, getting the production of cla reviews fat lossincreased insulin resistance wherein the queries of type II diabetes individuals would be able to receive some set of clarification.

Secrets that Safflower oil works in shedding pounds:

There is a popular belief that oils have the capacity of gaining weight hence different oils can be consumed every day in order to add pounds. But then all such transgenic fats fetch abusive effect to the bodily health and would repair the body functioning and its system. Therefore adding fewer amounts of fats to the body would not only balance the general well being but level the saturated points of vital elements and result in weight loss.

#1: The first most things to practice are that replacing all the other edible cooking oils with CLA safflower oil. Though it would not help shedding pounds so soon, it helps to gain vitamins and losing unwanted fats, hence there would be no extra adding pounds because of oil consumption. Also, safflower oil has good flavor, apart from only cooking it can also be used in dressing salads and toppings.

#2: CLA safflower oil acts as one of the best sources for vitamins and so ingesting a table spoon every day would help to gain increased metabolic processes, thus weigh loss happens automatically. Though when taking raw would not taste good, adding as a nutritional add-on would help a lot!

#3: External application for weight loss works effectively by fighting against the body cellulites effectively when applied all over the body before taking bath. And below appending is the brief that narrates well that how well body massage helps to gain best battle to defeat dead cells and cellulites.

Body massage has vital power in healing the pains and aches in the human body for years. Human touch has the untold magical power that soothe the individual, hence body massage and spa cannot be overstated. Centuries ago they are in practice with different cultures. And in the recent scenario, they are considered to be a very necessity in regard to health and complete wellness.

Body massage can also be termed as an oldest form of therapy that was actually used in ancient medical practices. Massage is actually manipulating the soft tissues of the human individual either by manual or any mechanism. Such therapeutic manipulation heals the human individual both physically and mentally. Along with it soothes blood flow, stress relief, enhanced flow of lymph fluids, enhanced immunity power, regulates the blood pressure and relieves the muscular tension to name a few.

Massage and the medical condition

Body massaging shows large amounts of health benefits and deals even with crucial diseases. Massage techniques include but not just limited to kneading, short & long gliding strokes, tapping and compression, in which new Safflower Seed Oil benefitsgeneration science invents few more advanced methodologies. Though there might be variation in the techniques, the ultimate movements include human touch and range from light to high massaging pressure.

“Research has shown that massage interfaces with the body’s stress function,” says Sandy Fritz, MS, NCMBT, author of a textbook line for therapeutic massage and director of the Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, Mich. “It helps to dampen the flight-or-fight response and activates dominance in the rest-and-restore system.” But if any individual suffers from any serious medical condition, it is recommended to consult the respective doctor at first before going for any type of body massage.

Introduction to the CLA safflower oil solution:

For effective CLA safflower oil weight loss, Dr. Michael Pariza a professional medical advice leader quoted in Nutra Ingredients, The US, “the best you could say for safflower oil is that it appeared to ‘rearrange’ body fat, so that the subjects had less around the waist (but likely more somewhere else, since their total body fat did not drop”.

Content Comparison:

1 cup of Celery = 16 calories

1 cup of raw Spinach = 7 calories

1 table spoon CLA safflower oil = 120 calories

2 table spoons of (seed based) high Oleic acid safflower oil have an effective capability of reducing te LDL cholesterol levels.

Recommended Portions for regular ingestion (as per Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010):

Women have to ingest:

4 table spoons (17 grams of CLA safflower oil) = 1200 calories to shed pounds

5 table spoons (22 grams of CLA safflower oil) = 1600 calories to shed pounds

  • Safflower oil is enriched with Vitamins A, D & E. In which Vitamin E is anti-oxidant that protects skin cells against the effect of skin damaging from free radical toxin pats
  • Safflower oil is found to be with 0% cholesterol and so it is ideal for cooking and edible medium
  • The safflower oil has low absorbing capacity hence the oil would sustain for about 3 times longer than that of any other oil on edible medium
  • As an add-on value, you can literally see about 25% less oily food when cooked with refined safflower oil

conjugated Linoleic acid safflower oil benefitsIntroduction to the CLA safflower oil (product):

Initially, the crop is grown in the year of 2013 for global production mainly in Kazakhstan and other prominent producers are found to be India, the United States and Argentina. Traditionally safflower was cropped for its seeds that were actually for the usage of coloring & flavoring the food stuffs, in medicinal usage for a little amount, for dye production in carthamine red & yellow color shades.

Though safflower and its oil own histories of 4000 years in ancient Egypt, the proper commercial revolution had started actually in 1925 in the Great Plains. Wherein a large scale of safflower oil production started at full fledge in the year of 1950s.

However, India owns the first place as the largest & leading producer of safflower oil for other worldwide regions, followed by the consequent places by California, the United States, and Mexico. Whilst the regions of North & South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska also in the production of safflower oil but in minimal acreage.

Safflower Seed Oil:

Like sunflower oil, safflower oil is quite colorless and odorless. It can be well sued for edible purposes in terms of cooking, dressing & topping salads, for the margarine production and also used in cosmetics for the making of lip gloss, lip sticks, oil based foundation cream and much more.

Two Different Types:

There are two different types of safflower producing oil kinds:

  • Mono unsaturated fatty acid (Oleic acid)
  • Poly unsaturated fatty acid (Linoleic acid)

In the market the former (mono unsaturated fatty acid – oleic acid) can be found predominantly for a lower level of saturated fats when compared to the level presented in the olive oil. The unsaturated version of safflower oil when gets compared with the normal one figures out the ratio of 10:1, in which oleic acid shows the presence of 78 percent of mono unsaturated, 15 percent of poly unsaturated and 7 percent of saturated fatty acids.

The second one is however randomly used in painting process by replacing the place of linseed oil. The Linoleic type holds 75 percent of poly unsaturated fats when compare to soybean, olive, corn, peanut oil and cottonseed oil.

Safflower oil is principally found to be a concentrated source of omega 6 Linoleic acid with zero presence of omega 3 poly unsaturated fats. A proper ratio of balanced omega 3 (fish and fish products) and omega 6 (vegetable oils) are must require by the human body in order to maintain a general well being. However, when omega 6 gets to be ingested by the human body in an adequate amount, chances are there to experience an epidemic over weight and resulting in obesity.


Safflower flowers are used in the parts of cooking for the replacement of saffron. And in the field of coloring textiles, dried flowers are seemed to be greater use as a natural dye for the orange – red pigment combination of carthamine shade.

Things to consider when buying CLA safflower oil (Features and Benefits)

Typical pure unrefined safflower oil would be in the color shade of yellowish orange and provides a nutty & earthy Things to consider when buying CLA safflower oilflavor. At the same time, refined & processed safflower oil appears pale in color and provides a bland flavor.

Research Statements:

Though safflower is considered merely for weight loss moderation it is mainly considered to provide with more added health benefits. A research study published in the year 2009 in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that study participants who ingested safflower oil in their regular diet meal did not shed pounds instead got reduced trunk & abdominal fat besides increased their bodily lean mass. One another study stated that study participants those who added conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) safflower oil in their diet are found to be shed pounds along with reduced belly fats.

Calorie Proportion:

A publication released by Harvard Health Institute stating that an effective weight loss would happen at the rate of 1 to 2 pounds weekly when 500 to 1000 calories are get burnt upon the everyday calories that an individual consumes. Well, safflower oil is not actually a low calorie food but how come CLA Safflower weight loss becomes true!

CLA safflower features and benefits:

A human study for the research of comparison between the high Linoleic safflower oil with conjugated Linoleic acid shows the result of reduced fat level and adiponectin level that increased for the women of obesity syndrome.

High Linoleic acid when replaced with animal fats for the cardiac patients’ diet to reduce the level of risk from deadly causes. However, the medicinal values of safflower oil were actually identified in the early middle ages wherein the juice / extract of the safflower oil is mixed with the chicken stock essence or any sweetened water for the best remedy for respiratory and constipation problems. In traditional Chinese medicine, the petals of the safflower flower are ingested for greater medical help to stimulate blood circulation, heal bone fractures and reduce the phlegm.

Profound Effects:

  • Lower down the risks of cardiac problems by saving the individuals from higher risks of hardening of arteries and atherosclerosis
  • Reduce down the effects of acnes, black heads, and white heads
  • Cure the muscle pain and joints pain from trauma injuries and arthritis when the flowers are massaged externally with good manner over the affected area
  • It helps to ease the women during the period of menstrual cramps by regulating the blood flow and cleaning away the blood clots
  • It helps to decrease appetite level and cholesterol content
  • Safflower oil can get for usage in two varieties – flower based and seed based
  • Mono unsaturated fatty acids plays the role of anti-inflammatory agent
  • CLA Safflower oil reviews shows factual result for efficient weight sheds

Is Safflower oil safe for all?

Though the safflower oil is presented with 0% cholesterol, enriched with vitamin nutrition it is best considering the medical experts if the individual who wants to take safflower oil in the meal before and after undergone any type of medical/clinical surgery. Since safflower oil can slow down the blood clotting effects, there are chances to get risks of high bleeding post – surgery.

While under medication with the compounds of Anti-coagulants and non steroidal anti – inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen is taken would increase the risk of hemorrhage when safflower oil is found in the meal ingested.

Who are not safe to take safflower oil with no medical experts’ advice?

  • Individuals who are allergic to sunflowers, marigolds, rag weeds, daisies, and chrysanthemums
  • Pregnant women as safflower oil has the tendency of leading to uterine contractions that would induce onset labor pressure
  • Individuals who have hypotension should not ingest safflower oil as it has the tendency of fetching lower blood pressure

The other common symptoms those suffer/feel after safflower oil had been used in the cooking and taken along as dressings or toppings are loose stools, nausea, vomiting, belching, diarrhea must report to the doctor immediately.

Uses of Safflower oil:

When Ancient Egyptians use safflower oil as a ye and as a coloring agent for clothing, the modern yet cultured civilization went into the benefits of safflower oil and other possible uses that can be extracted out of the safflowers. It plays a vital role for meal, bird seed and in oil industries, it is also been used as:

  • A Spice: the dried safflower plant is popularly used as an affordable replacement in the place of saffron that is most expensive & sought after spice in the parts of Europe, and Middle East.
  • An Industrial Ingredient: It is also used primarily in the production of varnishes, paints and other surface coatings.
  • An Oil Solvent: In the usage of painting, safflower oil is used as an oil solvent in the replacement of linseed oil.
  • A Hair Conditioner: In China, safflower oil is used as the best hair conditioner to have healthy, shiny and to massage the hair scalps.

Customer Proof about the CLA safflower oil (product):

Here follows fewer CLA Safflower oil reviews that picture the actual health benefits that the individuals are being profited.

#1: Lost 12 pounds in a week time says Felicia

“I’ve been struggling with losing weight after having 4 beautiful children. My father researched this and we decided to go out on a limb and try it. No other supplements have worked for me but so far, this has! Yes, I have to go to the bathroom a bit more but I’ll take that of it helps me get healthier. My appetite has dramatically decreased. I’ve been desperately looking for something to help with energy as well and cla has done all that for me! I’ve went from 212 to 200 in 3 days! I’ve also stopped drinking sweet tea which is my weakness and I’ve tried to eat healthier. It may not work for all but it’s working for me!!!”

#2: Good Stuff says Jo Pete

“Helped with a variety of problems like chronic cough, weight loss and blood pressure”.

#3: Great Product says Benjamin

“Started using these and ditched the $60 a bottle diet pill and couldn’t be happier. Results may vary but this works for me.”

#4: I did not lose weight but….. Says Frank

“I’m not sure if this is an actual weight loss product but it did help my stomach and blood pressure”

#5: Love it says Rae R

“I took this after I gave birth to my fourth child after struggling to lose that mommy pouch. It is a lifesaver!!!! I lost 13 pounds after the first bottle and my stomach had completely deflated I even saw a few abs!! I made a YouTube video I was so pleased with my results (Rae R is my YT name, CLA Results is the video name) I can’t rave about this product enough!!! I just had baby number 5 and right back struggling to lose the weight and I’m back on it as of today I’m not on any special diet I still eat what I want just slightly smaller portions. Go see my results for yourself and I’ll be sure to post them this time around too!! I love this plus it made my skin glow which is a great side effect in my opinion.”


As far as the non patented safflower oil CLA received so many positive comments and CLA Safflower oil reviews for its naturally produced 100% pure oil. However there are two variations of high Oleic acid of 70% and Linoleic acid of 80%, safflower oil ultimately works cool for effective results of weight loss by providing enriched vitamin supplements, increased rates of metabolic activities, lower cholesterol level, higher calorie content for energy enhancement and in super cool effect for cutting the extra pounds as abdominal fat, and belly fat.

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