Can I take safflower oil instead of CLA?

Know what CLA (conjugated Linoleic acid) is!

Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) is the group under the family of isomers of Linoleic acid which can be predominantly found in dairy and meat products. CLAs can be either Trans-fats or CIS fats wherein the double bonds of CLAs are called as conjugated. CLA is being known for dietary supplement on the basis of its health benefits.

Health benefits

CLA is known for its health benefit that has anti cancer supplement and body building components. When a study done in the year of 2004 said that CLA is seemed to be much more benefit for non human animals, there was actual lack for positive evidences for human health benefits. On other hand, CLA has shown predominant effect for insulin response for diabetic illness and hence followed to treat the scenario among humans.


For the individuals who are with a question of, “can I take safflower oil instead of CLA?” follows down an in depth explanation.

CLA is a stimulant: Unlike other supplements that assuring for weight loss added with side effects, CLA is not a kind of. It has no ephedrine and caffeine. Apart from providing safe and serious effect for cutting down few pounds from the abdominal area, it provides other sound supplement service for overall wellbeing.

High Oleic safflower oil: It is a natural occurring vegetable extract of edible oil components that exhibits with no chemical compounds added and acts as an excellent solution for healthy alternatives for saturated and hydrogenated cooking oil. It contains:

  • Oleic acid of about 75% primary mono unsaturated compounds
  • Poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) for about 13%
  • Saturated fatty acids (SFA) for about 8%
  • Derivatives of Serotonin
  • Vitamin E source for about 34.1 mg per 100 ml oil
  • Vitamin K source for about 7.1 mg per 100 ml oil

What is CLA safflower oil? Safflower oil is found to be presented with rich source of Linoleic acid with minimal percentage of CLA for per gram fat of about 0.7 mg. When you see the market products of Tonalin from BASF and Clarinol from Stepan Lipid Nutrition that are derived from safflower oil is for other proprietary processes.

What does CLA do? CLA – the conjugated Linoleic acid has the supplements of dietary nutrients that help the individuals increasing the bodily muscle mass by shedding down unwanted abdominal fats. Such diet supplement has the component of ‘lipoprotein phase’ wherein the enzyme has the capability of breaking down of fat cells.

Safflower oil provide protective effects on the body that is consuming safflower oil and for the positive effects the cases of obese diabetics can be considered. The effects can be retrieved at the end result however the isolated conjugated Linoleic acid supplementation may and may not occur for some effects.

But then the anti inflammatory properties that are been found within the Safflower oil because of its vitamin E content. And the chemical mechanism of ICAM – 1 down regulation cellular adhesion molecule shared with Vitamin E provides ultimate health benefit.