CLA safflower oil does it really work?

Safflower is a tall plant with yellow and orange flowers with spiked leaves. Initially the ancient Egyptians made use of safflowers as a due for clothing and now in modern civilization safflower is used to extract oil from both its seeds and flowers, and in few places safflower is being used as a replacement for saffron to color and flavor dishes.

The oils are of two varieties – high Linoleic and high oleic acid rich. High Linoleic safflower oil is found to be presented with rich poly unsaturated fats wherein high oleic safflower oil is found to be presented with mono unsaturated fats. The former is good for unheated foods say for dressing & topping of salads, vinaigrettes & much more and the latter is perfectly right option for cooking at high temperatures say for frying, toasting and deep frying.

High smoke point

When one does over heating or cooking at higher temperatures, the oil gets destruction of beneficial compounds hence creation of harmful free radicals. Such radicals when got ingested would have the serious tendency of damaging molecules in the human body. And so for cooking purpose safflower oil makes the best choice when compared to other vegetable oils such as corn oil, olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil and many other alternatives.

CLA safflower oil does it really work?

Yes absolutely. CLA safflower oil is enriched with unsaturated fatty acids added with vitamin components that help a lot with assured result for shedding down pounds by increasing the metabolic rates, and regulating the blood pressure level. When using both poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids to replace the saturated fats would help a lot more by means of reducing down the overall cholesterol levels. The omega 6 presents in safflower oil helps maintaining healthy skin by removing inflammation, irritation, bruises and et al.

Moreover it helps enhancing the bodily immune system, regulate the menstrual cycle, and promote hair growth when used as an external application by its softening properties. CLA safflower can react well for diabetes patients added with obesity by removing excess bodily deposited fat and lowering blood sugar level.

In traditional China, safflower oil is made use for invigorating the blood circulation, dissipating the stasis, amenorrhea (sign of no menstruation), trauma pain and injuries. To overall, safflower oil acts as heart best healthy cooking oil, or if you tend to allergic towards safflower after consumption of safflower oil such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, belching must seek for medical expert’s advice and consultation immediately.

Regulating the cholesterol level:

According to the American Heart Association, safflower oil containing high levels of poly unsaturated fats can lower down the risk of cardiac illnesses when replaced for saturated and Trans-fat when consumed in moderation. Since poly unsaturated fats have unhealthy low density lipoprotein level and healthy high density lipoprotein cholesterol level got low rank when compared with mono saturated fats. And so poly unsaturated fats must be ingested along with combination of mono saturated fats for no risks.